This site is under construction.

If you stumbled on this page, I'm sorry for wasting your time; I am still working on it.

I am currently trying to learn webdev as a hobby. I am not interested in making a career out of the skills I'll gain by studying html/css/javascript and any other language I might end up learning along the way.

Like many of you on this platform, I have been raised in the 80s, and consequently, I have been accustomed to a very different Internet from the one we have today.

While it has been a long time (and while I absolutely don't claim to be a specialist on the matter), I have a background in human sciences. At the time I was very interested in psychology, but over time this interest has been superseded by sociology.

This interest gave me a specific perspective on our world and specifically on the Internet and its unfortunate evolution. While the Internet became much faster and user friendly, it became centralized, invasive, and a frightning tool to polarize and influence people (especially with the recent and continual rise of powerful machine learning algorithms).

Don't get me wrong; there are still many positive aspects that remain alive to this day and I think the Internet is absolutely critical as a mean of cultural preservation and, more importantly, as a tool for emancipation. That said, I miss the old decentralized Internet and that's why I am working on this small corner of the Internet.

I am not really sure what this site will be about, but it will be a great opportunity to learn new skills. My main interests are video games, sociology, politics, visual art. I really love visual novels and fighting games in general. I also have a weak spot for retro asthetic (PC-98, DOS, or any pixel oriented art). So there is a good chance this space might be about those things.